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GreenYellow is the technology provider for Oi's invoice management process

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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For the success of the invoice management process, within the context of large corporations, which generally have a large number of operational units, the procedure for extracting data from these documents is essential. For this reasonGreenYellow, specialized in the energy transformation of companies, has a solution in its portfolio that performs exactly this task. In July 2021, linked to its EasyEnergy Gestão de Invoices platform, GreenYellow started to provide this service to Oi .

This type of work, which can be customized or automated, means that the operator does not need to check each invoice or access the distributor's website. GreenYellow itself is responsible for capturing the data for analysis and making it available for payment. This technology provided to Oi is also capable of searching the history of accounts from previous years, which guarantees greater visibility in relation to the evolution of consumption over time, enabling the retroactive recovery of taxes.

According to Marcelo Varlese, commercial director at GreenYellow, the issue of updating registration was an important benefit discovered during the implementation, as it helps the customer to identify consumer units that are already deactivated or have a registration problem. “The fact of having invoice data digitally leads to a strategic improvement in the management of the energy portfolio of a company that has so many consumer units, as is the case of Oi, considering that it prevents the work from being carried out in a manually” explains.

For Daniel Hermeto, vice president of business support at Oi, the invoice management project guarantees reliability and security in Oi's energy information, providing optimization and efficiency in the management of consumer units and bringing more assertiveness in decision making, predictability and opportunity for gains with better energy management.

“Oi seeks and defends the rational use of resources, the efficiency of its activities and the quality of its services. This work involves not only the company but also its stakeholders, employees, customers and the entire chain of suppliers and business partners to encourage the mitigation of environmental risks and impacts. By combining maximum commercial and technical efficiency, the company seeks to deliver the best service in the best possible way to its customers and community on all fronts, including sustainability”, says Hermeto.

The fields read in each document, a total of almost 200 in each one, are individually validated according to specific business rules, in order to guarantee the quality of the data. Invoice layouts are also permanently mapped, with the aim of tracking file changes and keeping the information obtained in the reading consistent. For example, consumption information, contracted demand, distributed generation credits, taxes, among others, are verified. “Various combinations of these variables can be used for different types of decision-making, from identifying the units with the highest consumption or greatest impact with reactors to defining which ones can potentially be supplied with energy through Free Energy Market or distributed generation contracts” , says Varlese.

To get an idea of the progress that has been achieved so far with this project, of the more than 62,000 Oi consumer units located in the regions of more than 100 different distributors around Brazil, 262,650 invoices were scanned in 2021. In 2022, the total has now reached nearly 300,000. “In view of these very expressive numbers, we concluded that this solution is the kick-off to start assertive energy management, since greater decisions depend on current consumption, such as migration to the Free Market, the option for energy efficiency contracts, among others”, reveals the commercial director of GreenYellow.

According to Varlese, GreenYellow continues to update the technologies used to map invoices and continuously improve the tool's usability. “This investment is made so that our customers feel safe and confident in the quality of the mapped data and in the speed of validation of the information”, he emphasizes.

About GreenYellow

GreenYellow specializes in Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy, Trading and Energy Management. Of French origin, the company has operations in sixteen countries and has an Energy Efficiency portfolio with more than 2650 projects implemented worldwide, more than 1,000 of them in Brazil, where it has been operating since 2013. The annual energy savings with GreenYellow's energy efficiency projects total 230 GWh, enough to power more than 118,000 homes in a year. In Solar Energy, it has more than 60 plants under construction or operation, totaling 150 MWp of installed power. More information: . Among its current clients are Oi Telecom, DPSP, Lopes Supermercado, Claro, Magazine Luiza, Pão de Açúcar, Assaí Atacadista, Via Varejo, Leroy Merlin, among others.

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