TV, 4G launch roundup

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Argentine cable TV operator Cablevisión has launched its TV everywhere platform Flow in Uruguay.

The service, which is similar to over-the-top online streaming services like Netflix, has been live in Argentina for a year where the company already has 400,000 registered users for the app version and 144,000 for the box decoder.

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Telecom Argentina mobile unit Personal has launched 4G in the city of Tilcara in Jujuy province.

Given the geographical challenges in the city of 5,000 residents, the antenna was placed on top of a hill at 4,000m above sea level.

Personal is investing more than 100mn pesos in the Jujuy region in 2016/17. Nationwide, Personal has 8mn 4G customers in 980 municipalities.


Brazil's Algar Telecom has begun testing 4.5G using carrier aggregation in the 700MHz and 1800MHz bands.

Some 73% of the company's base, or 24 localities, are already covered with 4G. Algar picked up 700MHz spectrum in 2015, which allows it to cover the cities of Goiás, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo.


Telefónica's Brazilian unit Vivo expanded its 4G coverage in August in 12 cities, of which six are state capitals: Salvador, Aracaju, Belém, Porto Velho, Maceió and Boa Vista.

Now the company has coverage in 1,750 municipalities.

According to July data from regulator Anatel, Vivo had a 34.5% market share of mobile broadband in the country.