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Brasil: Positivo Servers & Solutions industrializes servers for the new Pégaso supercomputer

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Curitiba, January 24, 2023 – The Pégaso supercomputer, the largest in Latin America and 33rd in the world according to the TOP500 ranking, went into operation with Positivo Servers & Solutions participating in industrialization and logistics. Exclusive transferee of the technology and the Supermicro brand in Brazil, in addition to being a partner of Atos, Positivo Servers & Solutions is responsible for supplying and installing the supercomputer and worked together with these two companies to industrialize and make server technology available in Pégaso. The supercomputer is being used by Petrobras to obtain better images of the subsurface in the exploration and production of both oil and natural gas. Pegaso has a processing capacity equivalent to 150,000 state-of-the-art notebooks.

With 30 tons of components distributed in racks that add up to 35 meters in length when lined up, Pégaso was installed in Vargem Grande, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Due to the size and quantity of the supercomputer's components, the process of importing and integrating the servers required a large structured operation, involving national and international logistics, as well as various tests until final delivery in the data centers. The Supermicro servers industrialized by Positivo Servers & Solutions were supplied to Atos, which implemented the servers physically and logically in clusters at Petrobras to form the structure of the supercomputer. “The technology used in our servers allows Pégaso to achieve extremely high performance, reducing geological and operational risks and exploration time”, says Silvio Ferraz de Campos, CEO of Positivo Servers & Solutions.

This is not the first time that Positivo Servers & Solutions participates in projects aimed at supercomputers. In addition to Pégaso, the company participated in the construction of Dragão in 2020, the most powerful High Performance Computing (HPC) in Latin America. In previous years, at the factory in Manaus, the company also produced servers with technologies from Supermicro, NVIDIA and Intel for two other supercomputer projects, Atlas and Fênix. Both were developed together with Atos, which was already responsible for selling and implementing the solutions.

With data throughput of 21 Petaflops (Peak DP), Pegasus has nearly the sum of Dragon (14 Petaflops) and Atlas (8.9 Petaflops). There are 678 terabytes of RAM memory and 400 gbps network, in addition to 2016 GPUs - Grafic Process Units, in the acronym in English. “When assembling a supercomputer, the hardware is divided and organized into several nodes, also called modules. Each server has two processors and eight GPUS. Each node is made up of servers with processors and GPUs, which are interconnected. For these nodes to work together, there must be communication between them. Therefore, each installation has its own operating system”, explains Silvio.

In addition to their use by Petrobras, supercomputers are normally used for scientific and industrial purposes, precisely because of the high capacity for massive and parallel processing of data between different parameters. With agility and precision, they perform quadrillions of calculations per second and significantly reduce information processing time from Big Data and data analysis methods, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. With powerful components, HPCs (supercomputers) have the power to simulate countless scenarios and “predict” results with greater precision. In this way, these machines are used to solve issues of quantum physics and mechanics, climate and meteorological research, molecular modeling and even in the process of developing vaccines.

For more information about Positivo Servers & Solutions, visit the official website.

About Positivo Servers & Solutions

It is a company specialized in the production and commercialization of servers, storages, mini PCs and IT infrastructure solutions for businesses and services. Since 1988, it has offered solutions for small, medium and large companies, as well as educational institutions and government entities. It is part of Positivo Tecnologia, a Brazilian manufacturer of computers, cell phones, tablets, accessories, educational software and devices for smart homes and offices. In December 2018, still under the name Accept, it was purchased by Positivo Tecnologia to complement its portfolio and increasingly solve customers' technological challenges. For more information, visit: Positivo Servers & Solutions.

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