San Juan advances in modernization of State with new technologies in health

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

By Government of Argentine Province of San Juan

(machine translation)

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The governor, Sergio Uñac, signed in Neuquén with his counterpart, Omar Gutiérrez , in charge of the Executive, a framework cooperation agreement. He was accompanied by the Minister of Health of San Juan, Alejandra Venerando; the technical secretary, Roberto Correa; the Secretary of Public Management, Andrés Rupcic, the administrative secretaries, Guillermo Benelbaz, together with the Neuquén authorities: Governor Gutiérrez and the Minister of Health, Andrés Corradi. This cooperation agreement will allow both provinces to work on various issues related to the administration of the two governments.

From both jurisdictions recognize the importance of implementing policies of reform and modernization of the State , and that is why they decided to work together to provide more and better services to their citizens.

The collaborative work between San Juan and Neuquén thus enriches the process and model of modernization of their provincial states and expand experiences based on the achievements that are obtained jointly.

That is why within the actions developed by the province of San Juan in the framework of the plan for its modernization of the State, the Ministry of Health of San Juan will implement the project ANDES (Neuquén Health Applications ), which seeks to include Unified History Digital (HUD) in the San Juan system with SaaS (Software As A Service) using the technology platform of the Neuquén ministry.

At the time of the speeches, Governor Uñac spoke about the economy of San Juan and thanked the governor of Neuquén for 'allowing us to get on this modernization train that Neuquén is carrying out. There are words that strengthen this agreement because federalism is built from province to province, which is reflected in this signing agreement. "He stressed that" although in our province we have advanced a lot and in many aspects, in this particular that today we It involves a long way to go. That is why we want to be nourished by this great health system that you put into effect to improve the quality of life and the services of your community, because we are the ones who have to learn from you ".

The governor of Neuquén, Omar Gutiérrez, said that "the ANDES application -which already has 250,000 medical histories digitized- is part of more than 30 modernization programs for the Neuquén State." Regarding his benefits, he explained that "he manages to facilitate the task to each employee of the public health system of the Neuquén province and to make health care and coverage more efficient and agile".

What is ANDES?

Through this agreement agreement, the Ministry of Health of Neuquén will provide consultants for the management areas; care models; health information; information technologies and any other area of ​​knowledge considered necessary for the realization of the project.

It is also foreseen the dictation of talks, meetings and meetings to carry out the relevant training for the correct execution of ANDES.

Through this system, both patients and members of the Health team will be able to access health data quickly and safely.

During the duration of the agreement on the servers of the Neuquén ministry, there will be an operational provision of ANDES in the SaaS mode (Sofware as a Service) in terms of technological contribution.

In this way and the framework agreement and the signed minutes, is that it seeks to ensure the proper functioning of servers and centralized equipment, as well as the repair of servers and also the parts and supplies that arise from this operation.

What does the ANDES system include?

  • Regular backups of the registered data
  • Computer security protection to improper access to data through firewall
  • routers and all other specific software
  • proper functioning of two redundant links for access to the platform
  • a phone number of guards for emergencies
  • 100 hours of programming to make basic adjustments for the transformation of ANDES according to the preferences and demands of the Health area and its users.