Brazil considers new solid waste responsibility law

Monday, October 17, 2016

Brazil's federal government is considering a new law that would oblige solid waste producers to be responsible for the treatment of the waste they create.

The law would affect those creating more than 60 kilos or 120 liters per day of waste. It applies to residents as well as commercial establishments, the lower house said in a release.

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Bill 5739, presented this year by Maranhão state representative Victor Mendes, is being studied by the country's environment and sustainable development committee and its constitution, justice, and citizenship committee before they vote on it.

According to Brazil's special waste handling and sanitation association Abrelpe, the country's solid waste output grew eight times faster than its population from 2010-14. Of the 76.8Mt/y of solid waste being generated, only 3% is currently reused..

Congressman Victor Mendes (CREDIT: Brazil's lower house).

Earlier this year, Abrelpe mapped out seven key proposals to boost recycling in the country. These include reducing import duties on equipment used for recycling, tax breaks for companies that invest in recycling centers and solid waste management projects, and tax exemptions in the productive chain to increase production of items made from recycled materials and to reduce their prices, among other measures.