Buenos Aires waste collection tender attracts three bidders

Friday, April 1, 2011

Argentina's Buenos Aires city government has received three technical bids for a tender to provide waste management services in the capital, local paper La Nación reported.

Under the new contracts, waste collection will be carried out into three zones, with a different firm operating in each one. State-owned waste company EHU will carry out waste collection in a fourth zone.

The bidders include a group formed of Cliba and AESA, another including Emepa, Impsa and Transportes Olivos, and the last comprised of Ashira and Integra.

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Consortiums Cliba-AESA and Emepa-Impsa-Transportes Olivos each bid for zones 1 and 2, while all three groups bid for zone 3.

The firms will carry out waste management, including differentiated waste collection, in the city for four years, with the option of a one-year contract extension.

Economic bids are scheduled to be opened in five months' time, the paper said. The three contracts will cost the city an estimated 1.4bn pesos (US$356mn).