Colombia hydroelectric reservoirs partially recover

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The water reservoirs of hydroelectric plants connected to Colombia's national SIN grid stood at an average capacity of 72.8% on the last day of July compared to 66% on the last day of the previous month, power wholesaler XM said in its latest monthly report.

Colombia is experiencing the beginning of the periodic weather phenomenon known as El Niño, which affects rainfall. The impact is expected to be most severe during the end of this year and beginning of 2015.

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Total electricity demand on SIN rose 5% to 5.51TWh in July from 5.22TWh in June. July power demand by Colombia's top sectors totaled 828GWh for industrial manufacturing, 339GWh for mining and hydrocarbons and 93GWh for utilities, the report said.

Peak demand hit 9,257MW in July, up from 9,127MW in the same month last year.

Hydroelectric assets provided 66.7% of generation in July, followed by thermoelectric assets (27.5%), small-scale assets (5%) and co-generation assets (0.8%).

Colombia electricity exports to Venezuela have stayed at near zero during the last three months, while exports to Ecuador have hovered between 22.1-22.9GWh during the same period, XM said.

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