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MINEM and indigenous communities of the Corrientes river join efforts to reactivate operations in Block 8


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The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) articulates efforts together with the Native Communities of the Loreto region with the objective of achieving the prompt reactivation of operations of Block 8, given that oil production in said field will generate work, boost the economy and contribute to improve the quality of life of the population.

For this purpose, the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons of MINEM, Enrique Bisetti Solari, met with the leaders of the Federation of Native Communities of the Center of the Corrientes River - Block 8 (FECONACERC), to discuss joint actions that contribute to the unlocking of this oil block and get it back to production in the short term.

For FECONACERC, headed by its president, Abner Tomy Chashnamote Amias, the reactivation of activities in Block 8 is an issue that must be seen urgently due to a humanitarian nature, since oil production will allow the communities to have work and income, and improve their quality of life.

The vice-minister, representing MINEM and Minister Oscar Vera, reiterated the commitment assumed by the current management to achieve the unlocking of investment projects, with the certainty that this is a fundamental step to achieve economic reactivation, close social gaps and generate development opportunities for communities and population centers.

This first meeting made it possible to establish a work agenda and direct purposes between the State and civil society to enable the reactivation of investments and value the wealth that our country has in hydrocarbons, so that the benefits are perceived by the population of Loreto.

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