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Satellite industry executives confirm confidence in Mexico for 2023

Bnamericas Published: Monday, January 02, 2023

This is an automated translation of the original release published in Spanish.

From the Ministry of Communications and Transportation

The Mexican Space Agency (AEM), an agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), met with the president of the Space Commission of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), Benjamín Najar L.

The general director of the AEM, Salvador Landeros Ayala, welcomed the visit of Najar, also a representative of the 100% Mexican company "Thrusters Unlimited", who endorsed the confidence of FEMIA businesspeople to promote the satellite industry in 2023, and said to him:

"We have confidence in Mexico, and we reiterate our willingness to continue joining efforts with the AEM towards a national, sovereign and sustainable space industry, recognized worldwide, and capable of creating economic benefits and jobs with great Mexican ingenuity," said Najar.

In turn, Landeros pointed out: "We must really recognize Thrusters, which since its presentation at FAMEX 2021, has managed to consolidate its solid satellite system, 'GEOSAT Constellation', with a great commitment to Mexico, with which today they are an example for the entire national space sector."

He stressed that this tenacious promoter of the national industry is the first and only Mexican company that has two powerful very high-resolution satellites (GEOSAT 1 and 2) in full operation, with which it has already been recognized as an international-level satellite system in 2022.

GEOSAT-1 is a satellite in orbit at an altitude of 660km, with high capacity and a weight greater than 100 kg, and its sister satellite, GEOSAT-2, is an agile device called "Multispectral" of very high resolution that is positioned at about 620 km from the Earth, with a weight greater than 300 kg., he said.

As promised in 2021, Thrusters Unlimited has shared the satellite capacity of its GEOSAT system with the AEM laboratories, in order to develop products and practices to train highly specialized young human capital, which is at full operational capacity.

For this reason, in 2023 it will seek to strengthen the infrastructure capacities of Mexico, making it possible to save by producing much cheaper national satellite data and products than those that government consumers today acquire from foreigners, in order to do more with less.

Of a totally different technical nature from the country's telecommunications satellites, the GEOSATs will support priority social tasks, such as protection of the population from natural disasters, forest fires, or support for agriculture and climate change, among other things

In this way, this synergy seeks to demonstrate the national potential of Mexican talent to academia, business and government, in order to continue promoting trust and investment in our country, and the natural use of space technology to solve problems here on Earth.

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