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Vivo confirms partnership with BH Airport to digitize BH International Airport operation with 5G and IoT

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, November 08, 2022

This is a machine translation of Telefônica Brasil's press release

Belo Horizonte, November 8, 2022 – Vivo was the company chosen by BH Airport , the concessionaire that manages Belo Horizonte International Airport, to integrate an ecosystem of innovation in the operation of the Minas Gerais terminal. The partnership will begin with the provision of 5G connectivity to the new test lab, to be built within the airport's facilities. Scheduled to open next year, the initiative includes the development of applications in logistics, security and mobility, with a focus on expanding, for example, the efficiency of facial recognition solutions, luggage scanning, real-time bag tracking, among others. other innovations.

“We have a mini-city installed in our terminal, with a range of services such as parking, stores, cargo logistics, security and a sewage treatment station, where around 40,000 people pass through each day. Our objective is to consolidate the smart airport concept connected to the smart city environment, developing the airport of the future, with mobility and security. Counting on Vivo in this sense is opening the way to a world of possibilities”, emphasizes the CEO of BH Airport, Kleber Meira.  

The Innovation Center project construction initiative will transform the airport into a hub that will have the participation of technology companies, industries, startups and universities, providing a rich scenario of information sharing, proofs of concept, research and development. For Vivo, the partnership will foster ideas and new business opportunities, resulting in greater sustainability and better experiences for society as a whole.

“Vivo is the co-founder of the new 5G laboratory and, together with BH Airport, will enable the integration of our digital ecosystem into the airport environment, increasing efficiency and providing more intelligence to the operation. With this hub , we want to attract the attention of companies that have innovation in their strategy for co-creation and engage the participation of universities in leading research”, explains Diego Aguiar, Director of Operations at Telefónica Tech IoTCo. “Our performance in the national market qualifies us to be the main orchestrators of this digital environment that orbits IoT, BigData and Analytics”, he adds.

The ecosystem designed by Vivo introduces and encourages the exploration of services and solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling more strategic and assertive decision-making, using big data tools and embedded artificial intelligence. on connected devices. “We will make available to the operation and the hub a portfolio of solutions that generate more efficiency through a more automated operation. These are fleet management solutions, management of operational teams and facilities, energy efficiency, as well as proximity marketing solutions through wifi and digital signage”, lists Aguiar.

In addition to 5G, whose low latency will be an important differential in the automation of airport operations, the connection infrastructure offered also includes Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) and Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) networks, specific to support all IoT applications, whether in the field or industry. The Airport will be able to choose the technology that best meets its needs, guaranteeing connected devices greater battery life, more efficient and sustainable operations, in addition to the security of having a dedicated network.

About Vivo

Vivo is the trademark of Telefônica Brasil, the leading telecommunications company in the country, with 112 million accesses (3Q22) and its purpose is “Digitalizar para Approximar”. Vivo is a digital hub, facilitating its customers' access to services in different areas, such as entertainment, sports, digital security, finance, health and education. It operates in the provision of fixed and mobile telecommunications services throughout the national territory and has a complete and convergent product portfolio for B2C and B2B customers. The company is present in 4,900 cities with 3G network, more than 4,600 with 4G, and 3,200 cities with 4.5G network.

In the mobile segment, Vivo has 97 million accesses and accounts for the largest market share in the segment (38%) in the country, according to the results of the quarterly balance sheet (3Q22). Guided by constant innovation and the high quality of its services, Vivo is at the center of a Digital transformation, which expands the autonomy, personalization and real-time choices of its customers, putting them in charge of their digital life, with security and reliability. Telefônica Brasil is part of the Telefónica Group, one of the largest communications conglomerates in the world, with 369 million accesses. Aware of its responsibility to repay society for the trust it receives in the use of its services, the company relies on the Telefônica Vivo Foundation. In Brazil for 23 years, Fundação Telefônica Vivo is one of the main pillars of social responsibility in Vivo's ESG concept. Focusing on education in public schools, it contributes to the development and digital inclusion of students and educators through projects that stimulate new teaching and learning opportunities.


About BH Airport

BH Airport, concessionaire of Belo Horizonte International Airport, is a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) formed by the CCR Group, one of the largest infrastructure concession companies in Latin America, and by Zurich Airport, the operator of Zurich Airport, the Switzerland's main air hub and considered one of the best airports in the world, in addition to Infraero, a state-owned company with over 40 years of experience in managing airports in Brazil.

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