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YPFB: Madre de Dios potential equivalent to US$475bn

Bnamericas Published: Monday, February 06, 2023

This YPFB statement was translated from Spanish by an automated system

La Paz, Feb 6 (AN/YPFB) de Dios, where it is estimated a potential of 5 trillion barrels (Bbbl) of oil and 12 trillion cubic feet (TCF) associated with natural gas, reserves equivalent to approximately USD 475 billion.

“These data are not mine, the five billion barrels and 12 TCF are from a French consultant Beicip Franlab, one of the most important oil schools in the world, they are the ones who did these analyses, they told us that it is a basin of world class”, affirmed the executive of the state oil company.

The Madre de Dios Basin (Pando, Beni and La Paz) could generate income for the country equivalent to USD 475 billion from the hydrocarbon resources to be discovered and subsequently exploited in the aforementioned departments that are not hydrocarbon producers today. The area is geomorphologically located in a Non-Traditional Zone, an aspect that would imply new investments for the full development of these resources.

Based on technical studies, Dorgathen considers that in the South Sub-Andean (covering the departments of Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija) approximately 6 to 7 TCF of natural gas remains to be found. “Until the year 2025 approximately, the South Subandean will be a mature basin. At this moment we are already working on enabling new basins, Subandino Norte and Madre de Dios”.

“In the case of Madre de Dios, where we recently drilled the Gomero X1 IE well in 2021 and whose results have shown us a source rock that has impressive potential, the total organic carbon of the source rock showed very high levels, very similar to that of Vaca Muerta in Argentina, we are going to continue analyzing this bedrock”, added the executive president of YPFB.

YPFB drilled during the 2021 management the Gomero X1 stratigraphic research (IE) well in the municipality of El Sena in the department of Pando and the Mayaya Centro X1 IE project located in the municipality of Alto Beni, La Paz, is already underway. which has the objective of evaluating the Retama and Tomachi formations at a depth of 5,500 meters.

Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos and the operators will invest USD 669 million during this administration, of which 48% corresponds to exploration activity with the perspective of replenishing and increasing hydrocarbon reserves.

In exploration, the state oil company plans to invest USD 323.72 million, exploitation USD 139.78 million and distribution of natural gas through networks USD 74.05 million. Transport activities, industrialization plants, refining, storage, commercialization and other investments receive important economic resources aimed at guaranteeing the supply of fuels to the internal and external markets.

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