Paraguay highway initiative suffers delays

Monday, January 8, 2018

The works on the second phase of Paraguayan capital Asunción's Costanera Norte highway project are suffering delays due to issues related to land expropriation.

The launch of the construction of one of the viaducts that make up the US$64mn project has been stalled as a result of the delays, René Gómez, a representative of consortium DR Costanera, told local daily Última Hora.

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The contractor in charge of the works was supposed to break ground on the viaduct in October, but works will only begin this month, said Gómez.

The 1.3km viaduct will consist of a four lane road that would go over the Sacramento, Artigas and Fiebrig avenues, according to the public works ministry (MOPC). The works would affect 45 properties in the area, as well as a section of the Paraguayan capital's botanical garden.

A separate consortium, ETH (Echecopar, Tecon Técnica and Hagaplan Engenharia), is in charge of the overall inspection of the works and also in charge of conducting negotiations with those affected by expropiations.

ETH representative Aldo Cordero told Última Hora that the negotiations are expected to be concluded next month.

The overall project also includes other works such as a second 460m viaduct and an 11km bi-directional avenue between the General Santos turnabout and the botanical garden.

These works will be connected with the first phase of the Costanera Norte highway, which was opened in 2013 at a cost of US$21.5mn.