Waterworks funded by Mexico's CFE to begin in Morelos

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Waterworks forming part of a municipal water plan launched by the local government of Cuautla, located in the southern-central Mexican state of Morelos, were started over the weekend, according to local press reports.

The works consist of improving drainage in the municipal sewer system, collecting more than 240 l/s of additional wastewater which will be channeled to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, Cuautla mayor Raúl Tadeo said.

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The project will require the investment of 40mn pesos (US$1.95mn), 31mn pesos of which will be provided by state power utility CFE, while the rest will be funded by the municipal government.

With the additional wastewater, the treatment plant would treat around 700 l/s of wastewater compared to the current 400 l/s, which will then be discharged into the Cuautla river to be used for irrigation. According to authorities, this will reduce the chances of local farmers being affected by water shortages if water authority Conagua authorizes the construction of an aqueduct to transport municipal water to a nearby thermoelectric plant operated by the CFE.

The local mayor said that the completion of these works will make it unnecessary to build dams to replenish water used for irrigation in the municipality if the aqueduct is authorized, reports local daily El Sol de Cuautla.

The newspaper also reports that local farmers are opposing the aqueduct, as well as any plans to supply local water to the power plant.

In October, the head of Conagua, Roberto Ramírez, announced the completion of a number of infrastructure projects to improve the state's irrigation systems. He said that the water authority's goal for the state is to upgrade the irrigation system serving over 2,000ha of agricultural land in Morelos.