Spotlight: Petrobras mid, downstream tenders

Bnamericas Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Spotlight: Petrobras mid, downstream tenders

Brazil's state oil firm Petrobras has launched tenders to hire goods and services in the mid and downstream segments. 

Available via procurement website Petronect, the processes are related to refineries, terminals, natural gas processing/treatment stations and oil and gas pipelines.  

Among the highlights are tenders for the conclusion of the firm’s gas processing unit (UPGN) at the Gaslub hub, in Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro state. 

One tender is for the provision of civil construction services, electromechanical assembly, interconnections, commissioning, pre-operation, start-up and assisted operation of the remaining works at UPGN. 

Another calls for the preparation of the executive project, construction and assembly for the installation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pumps at Gaslub and interconnection of the LPG pipelines Ocerj and Osduc II and support facilities, in the neighboring municipality of Guapimirim. 

Petrobras has also launched a tender for the acquisition of transformers for Gaslub. 

The Petronect numbers of the Gaslub tenders are 7003880487, 7003941479 and 7003954106. 

Two other gas treatment processes, both related to the Cabiúnas gas treatment unit, in Rio de Janeiro state, are also open. 

They relate to contracting of preventive, corrective maintenance and maintenance engineering and metrological management of the equipment of the Cabiúnas’ measuring systems (7003938081) and maintenance services, revitalization and updating of the electrical and automation systems of its natural gas cooling unit (7003948092). 


In Pernambuco, Petrobras is contracting revamp works for the first refining train (Trem 1) of its Abreu e Lima (Rnest) refinery. 

The process involves the preparation of the executive project with consistency analysis, construction and assembly, commissioning, operation assistance and supply of goods for the expansion and modernization of the unit. 

In parallel, processes remain open for inventory management services and maintenance of storage areas on Rnest's premises, for the management, maintenance and extension of the plant's aerial networks and for the acquisition of a catalytic tube for a reformer furnace for Rnest. 

The Petronect numbers of the Rnest tenders are 7003731889, 7003903160, 7003957203 and 7003932472

For the Regap refinery, in Minas Gerais, tenders are open for the contracting of project design services and support for the plant’s engineering management; technical support services for equipment maintenance and corrective, preventive maintenance and installation of HVAC equipment. 

Regap’s Petronect tender numbers are 7003840489, 7003930190 and 7003953380

For Replan, in São Paulo, Petrobras is seeking technical services for the installation of an LPG delivery system, besides maintenance services and implementation of projects in furnaces, boilers, sealing pots, ducts, chimneys, pre-heaters and peripheral systems, with supply of parts and pieces during scheduled shutdowns of the refinery units. 

Another process linked to Replan calls for cargo handling and related services. 

The tender numbers are 7003862952, 7003914295 and 7003951612

Located in the same state, the Revap refinery is in need of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for the revamp of its diesel hydrotreating unit (Petronect number 7003924277). 

In Paraná state, Petrobras is holding a contracting process to purchase hydrotreating catalyzers for naphtha coke (Petronect number 7003953324). 

And, in Rio Grande do Sul, an auction calls for the acquisition of laboratory metrological management and instrument calibration services for the Refap refinery (Petronect number 7003947505). 

The Reduc refinery, in Rio de Janeiro state, is demanding new air coolers (7003956680); maintenance services for electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment, with the supply of parts and pieces (7003947511), and services for the recovery of its piping infrastructure (7003925388). 

Regarding the Recap refinery, a process is underway for the supply of maintenance, preservation and operation services for air conditioning, refrigeration, exhaustion and pressurization systems (7003922782). 


Either directly or via its logistics subsidiary Transpetro, Petrobras is hiring several goods and services for its terminals across Brazil. 

One tender (7003879737) involves the acquisition of EPC services for the operational continuity of the waterway terminal at Santos port, in São Paulo state.

Also in São Paulo, Petrobras is contracting technical services of project development and valve replacement for the segregation of light oil products at the Barueri terminal (7003942942), as well as services for complementary industrial maintenance at the São Sebastião water transportation terminal (7003951608). 

In Goiás, the company re-launched a tender for contracting of engineering, procurement, civil construction, electromechanical assembly, interconnections and commissioning services for the deployment of tanks at the Senador Canedo terminal (Petronect number 7003903462).  

And in Santa Catarina, tender 7003957914 involves the supply of inspection and maintenance services for storage spheres and interface vessels at the Itajaí Terminal. 


Petrobras is carrying out processes for technical services for subsea inspection of the maritime sections of the OSUB-26 Guamaré, OSUB-20 Guamaré and OSUB-26 Atalaia pipelines (Petronect number 7003937666) and for inspection, operation and maintenance of the saw slope facilities on the OSSP pipeline range (7003934386).

Another highlight is a process for the executive project, construction and industrial assembly to be performed at the São Sebastião oil pipeline station and Recife oil pipeline station, with supply of goods (7003922064). 

Through its gas pipeline operator subsidiary TBG, Petrobras has launched tenders for the rendering of services for the adequacy of the oil and oily water drainage system with the installation of a sump tank at the Mirandópolis compression station, in São Paulo (7003902967), and for the repair of electric motors (7003949268).

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