Brazil reveals 10-year renewable energy target

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The share of renewable sources in Brazil's electric power matrix is on track to reach 86% by 2023, according to the country's mining and energy ministry (MME).

Brazil currently generates 78% of its electric power from clean sources like wind and solar energy, hydropower and biomass, MME said in a statement.

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The figure compares to a global average of about 20%, according to the ministry.

Despite a rise in the number of low-carbon generation plants, hydropower's participation is expected to fall to 69% from 71% today.

"This reduction will be compensated by expansions in wind, solar and biomass generation," MME added.

Renewables are expected to account for 42.5% of Brazil's overall energy matrix - including liquid and gaseous fuels - by 2023, up from 41% today.

BNamericas will host its 11th Southern Cone Energy Summit in Lima, Peru, on November 12-13. Click here to download the agenda.