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Assespro Federation presents proposals from the IT sector to presidential candidates

Bnamericas Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Faced with the need to formulate a long-term strategic plan with actions aimed at innovation and information technology, the Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies - Assespro Federation - launched a manifesto with diagnoses and proposals for the area to be delivered to pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic.

The report points out that the main challenge for the coming years remains the existence of a deficit of hundreds of thousands of qualified professionals and the risk of a labor shortage in the sector, which tends to intensify even more with the introduction of new technologies. in the industrial, commercial and service sectors.

In Assespro's view, the lack of strategic direction and prioritization of courses in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has created a bottleneck that is difficult to overcome in the short term.

“There is a lot of room for increasing the production of information technology goods and services in Brazil. We have a connected youth, a population willing to consume technological products and companies and entrepreneurs with the capacity and desire to invest and innovate”, says the manifesto.

For the president of the Assespro Federation, Italo Nogueira, it is necessary to expand the offer of courses and vacancies in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in addition to creating mechanisms that encourage young people to enter these areas.

“We must follow the example of countries that are examples of digital transformation and that started from the bottom. In order for the digital transformation in the country to take place, it is necessary to invest in education, training and qualification programs for young people, in addition to creating incentives that work as drivers of the innovation process”, he says.

As an example, Italo cites that investment in Research and Development (R&D) in countries such as Israel, South Korea and Sweden is above 3.5% of GDP, while Brazil registers investment of only 1.21% of GDP.

The document also suggests the creation of prizes and incentives to attract young people to courses in the STEM fields of study.

Other challenges

In order to advance in this and other basic themes for the development of the IT sector, Assespro understands that it is necessary to create an agency or body that acts in operational coordination and in the construction of actions aimed at fostering the culture of innovation in the country.

Among the measures recommended in the document, Assespro suggests that the next government adopt as strategic and priority themes such as:

- Education for technology;

- Digital inclusion;

- Improvement of the economic and social infrastructure of the IT sector; and

- Creation of technological programs in partnership with the private sector.

The objectives that must be pursued for this are:

a) Increasing the population's digital inclusion, ensuring access to computers, communication networks and digital services;

b) Expand the offer of courses and vacancies in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics;

c) Create mechanisms that encourage young people to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics;

d) Increase the volume of public and private investments in Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI); and

e) Creation of a structure (Agency or Organ) that acts in the operational coordination and in the construction of actions aimed at fostering the culture of innovation in the Country.

Full text of Assespro's manifest

Video with the statement of the president of the entity

The Assespro Federation

The Federation of Associations of Information Technology Companies (ASSESPRO) represents more than 2,500 companies in the IT and Innovation Sector, most of them micro, small and medium-sized companies of Brazilian origin.

It is the largest and oldest representative organization of the IT Sector in the country, representing Brazil in International Federations such as the Ibero-American ALETI and the world WITSA.

Over its 46 years, the entity has contributed significantly to the improvement of the institutional and legal environment of the Sector. He effectively participated in the creation, debate and implementation of the General Data Protection Law, the Folha exemption policy, the Legal Framework for Startups and the Civil Framework for the Internet, among other important regulations in the segment.

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