Rain eases Brazil power shortage threat

Thursday, December 4, 2014

November rain has reduced the threat of an electric power shortage in Brazil, according to the federal government.

But precipitation was still below average in each of the country's four regions, state news service Agência Brasil reported.

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The south recorded 92% of its average rainfall, the southeast-midwest 68%, the northeast 40% and the north 76% in October.

The government's electric sector monitoring committee (CMSE) said the risk of an energy deficit in the southeast-midwest in 2015 had fallen to 4.2% from 5% the previous month.

"The group's grid evaluation confirms that supply will be guaranteed because the country has significant thermoelectric capacity, which has been used to complement hydropower," Agência Brasil said.

The comments come as southern Brazil grapples with its worst drought in 80 years.

In São Paulo state, rationing in some cities has become a daily occurrence, while reservoirs have fallen to one-digit capacity levels.