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More than 15,000 community members will be affected by the new rule on labor outsourcing

Bnamericas Published: Friday, September 30, 2022
More than 15,000 community members will be affected by the new rule on labor outsourcing

Press Release Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru

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The new labor outsourcing rule will affect more than 15,000 residents who work directly and indirectly in companies created in communities in our country; this was warned by Jhoel Rivera, president of the Confederation of Communal Companies of Peru.

“The Outsourcing Law does not help at all. You want to remove the services we provide. Instead of solving the problem of lack of employment in the country, they will generate greater unemployment and escalate social conflicts”, declared the representative of the Confederation of Communal Enterprises.

And it is that the main change established by the supreme decree of labor outsourcing is that a company cannot hire a third party to carry out activities of the core of its business, which has the consequence that companies stop hiring the company service outsourcing; according to labor lawyers.

In our country, there are around 200 communal companies that provide maintenance services, leach pads, dumps, among others, in the mining sector. The formation of these has achieved reverse migration by generating sources of employment; They also seek to have shared value in the areas of mining influence.

“In our country there is no community law or communal business law; In addition, we are exempt from receiving income taxes generated by economic activities. The majority of communities supported the current President with their vote, we hope he does not turn his back on us”, said Jhoel Rivera.

He indicated that communal enterprises have been created in areas where there is mining influence. Investments have allowed their growth, and today they seek greater accompaniment and support from mining companies.


Jhoel Rivera participated together with Richard Calderón, from the communal company Golden SA and Wilson Umasi, from Myser, in the press conference held this Wednesday, September 28, at the mining summit. They also shared their experiences during the conference on "Economic Linkage: Growth, employment and diversification", which was attended by former officials of the country, organizers of PERUMIN 35 and national and international businessmen.

For the representatives of communal enterprises, investments are the path to development and they called on other communities to generate trust to promote the execution of new mining projects in our country.

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