Mexico City 2015 budget focuses on metro line No. 12

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mexico City's metro line No.12 will be expanded next year at a cost of 1bn pesos (US$71.8mn), according to the Mexican capital's 2015 budget.

The expansion consists of an underground station and a terminal. Once works are completed, the line – which currently has partial service – will have 22 stations and run 26.1km.

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Due to safety issues, the Mexico City government suspended service in several of the line's stations back in March, only 18 months after the line began operations.

A probe found flaws in the design and construction of the project, which led to sanctions against more than 30 public officials.

The city's public works and services department plans to allot 883mn pesos to repair the line next year. It has also budgeted 1.18bn pesos to design, build and maintain 30 trains that will operate on line 12.

A total of 2.55bn pesos will be spent on general improvement of the metro system, including the acquisition of 45 train cars for line No. 1 and maintenance on 45 trains operating on line No. 2.

Meanwhile, another 1.2bn pesos will be spent on building the bus rapid transit (BRT) system's line No. 6.

In November, a group led by Omega Construcciones Industriales y Sacmag won the 1.23bn-pesos tender to build the BRT line No. 6.