Mexico City to implement 'water for the future' plan

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The government of Mexico City has announced the implementation of a water services sustainability and management plan for 2013-18, also known as 'water for the future' plan, which is aimed at exploring different infrastructure, management and technological alternatives to provide potable water services to the city's population in an efficient and fair manner.

Besides improving the quality of water and sewage services in the city, the program seeks to increase water efficiency and the social impact of water infrastructure works, as well as reducing related environmental damage, while directly addressing the current challenges that the city is facing.

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The announcement was published in the city's official gazette on Monday in addition to the details of the program.

In order to meet its goals, the program considers the enactment of a legal reform that would grant the plan mandatory status, as well leading to the implementation of a series of infrastructure works in the short term.

These infrastructure works include the purchase of the necessary telemetry equipment for monitoring all water wells in the city, as well as the main water tanks and control valves and the water delivered through the main supply networks; replacing and/or modernizing 3,155km of the city's potable water network system, particularly in areas where the largest numbers of leaks are found; modernization of 520km of sewerage pipelines in poor conditions; construction of 19 new water purification plants in the Iztapalapa, Tláhuac, Milpa Alta, Iztacalco, Venustiano Carranza and Gustavo A. Madero districts of the capital; the modernization of another 16 water purification plants currently operating in those districts; and construction of two new wastewater treatment plants, along with upgrades and expansions to another five existing plants in order to meet the city's treated water needs.

According to the notice in the official gazette, local water authority Sacmex will be responsible for designing the corresponding projects, as well as of supervising implementation of those projects and fulfillment of the program's goals on behalf of the local environment ministry. Completion of the projects included in the plan are subject to the city's budget for the time period contemplated in the plan.

The 'water for the future' plan was prepared by Sacmex, with assistance from academic institutions and other entities of the city government. It was approved by the city's development planning committee on June 21 this year, although the agreement to carry out the plan was first sealed back in September 2013.

These actions will serve to complement the projects that were included in the city's comprehensive development program for 2013-2018, launched during the second year of the current administration's term.