Wind, hydro drive Brazil power capacity growth

Monday, March 20, 2017

Brazil added more than 1.1GW of generation capacity to its power grid in January as a raft of hydroelectric and wind projects came online, according to new government figures.

Growth was driven by the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam - Latin America's largest power generation project - which contributed 611MW of new capacity.

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Developers also added 297km of transmission lines and 558MVA of substation capacity.

Brazil's overall installed capacity stood at 151.890GW at the end of January, up 10.206GW on the year-ago figure.

Some 5.962GW came from hydropower, 2.476GW from wind farms, 1.706GW from thermopower and 62MW from solar parks.

The government said wind capacity rose 31% over the period to 10.444GW, easily making it Brazil's fastest growing power source ahead of hydro and thermo, which grew 6.5% and 4.1% respectively.

Brazil boasted 459 wind farms at the end of January, up from 86 in January 2013.