Spotlight: The state of Peru’s telecoms market

Bnamericas Published: Monday, November 21, 2022
Spotlight: The state of Peru’s telecoms market

The Peruvian telecoms market ended Q3 with over 48mn accesses in service, counting mobile telephony, fixed telephony, fixed internet and pay TV, according to regulator Osiptel.

Of the total, 41mn lines were mobile accesses, 3.2mn fixed internet accesses, 1.92mn fixed telephony lines and 1.88mn pay-TV subscriptions. All services, except for fixed internet, lost subscribers.

Overall, the combined revenues of the six main telecom groups operating in the country – Telefónica, América Móvil, Entel, Viettel, DirecTV and Americatel – grew 8% year-over-year in the first half of the year, according to previous Osiptel figures.

Osiptel did not provide revenue data for Q3.


The Peruvian mobile market remains among the most competitive in Latin America, with four national players competing neck-and-neck for customers, each now with a two-digit market share.

In the third quarter, Claro caught up to market leader Movistar (Telefónica). At the end of September, both operators were tied at roughly 30% of the market, after ending the month with 12.33mn and 12.38mn mobile lines, respectively.

Chile’s Entel followed with 22.5% market share (9.24mn lines), while Viettel’s Bitel fell to 16.9% (6.96mn). 

Movistar and Bitel lost clients, whereas Claro and Entel gained. The former two have been losing lines since 4Q21, Osiptel’s data in the PUNKU dashboard system shows.

Among MVNOs, Flash Mobile (153,407) and Guinea Mobile (33,225) climbed to around 0.4% and 0.1% of the market.

The 41.1mn lines in service represented a decrease of 2.1% compared to the same period in 2021. 

Postpaid (including controlled plans) accounted for 40.4% of all lines, up from 39.1% in September 2021, and prepaid for the remaining 59.6%. Claro leads the postpaid and Movistar the prepaid market.

Osiptel did not yet update mobile internet figures. 

At the end of June, 26.3mn mobile lines had internet access, 90% of which via 4G.


In fixed internet, Movistar and Entel continue to lose customers and market share. 

Overall, Peru had 3.2mn fixed internet accesses in service, up 5.1%, with 156,000 connections added in the 12 months to September.

Most growth was captured by new fiber operators. The Wi-Net and Optical Technologies group of companies continues to consolidate as the biggest winner, having captured 7.9% of the market, up 4.6 percentage points.

The group is now the third player after Claro (26.7%) and Movistar (54.5%).

Wow increased its share to 2.6%, from 0.5%, while the group of companies made up of Fiberlux and Fiberline grew 0.7 percentage points to reach a 1% market share. Entel captured 2.9%.

In fixed telephony, Peru ended September with 1.92mn lines in service, after the disconnection of over 260,000 since January. 

Telefónica led with 1.14mn, followed by Claro (619,723) and Entel (66,075). Telefónica has been losing fixed telephony subscribers, whereas Claro has been expanding its base.


Osiptel reported 1.88mn pay-TV subscribers, down from 1.93mn in June and 260,000 less than in January.

As a result, household penetration fell to 19%, significantly lower than the 2018 peak of 24.4%.

Cable television accounted for 1.35mn of total accesses and satellite TV for 531,606.

Telefónica led cable TV with a 67.9% market share, down 68.9% on June, followed by Claro with 14.5%, up from 14%. 

The satellite TV market is led by DirecTV, with a 63.9% share, up from 63.2% in June. Next comes Telefónica (32.9%, down from 33.6%), and Claro (3.05%, down from 3.06%).

Considering all technologies, Telefónica’s market share was 58.1% in September, DirecTV’s was 18.1% and Claro’s 11.3%. 

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