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Cochabamba advances rural electrification goals


This statement from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia was translated from Spanish by an automated system

The Government, through the National Electricity Company ( ENDE Corporación) and its subsidiaries, advances the goals of rural electrification in Cochabamba to boost production, said the Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Franklin Molina Ortiz, during the inauguration of new projects. in Villa Tunari.

"The Government executes projects within the framework of the plan to electrify Cochabamba and Chapare, but particularly with the purpose of meeting the goals of universal electrification, which is a constitutional mandate," said the authority.

They will also boost production, increase productivity and contribute to the development of new productive ventures and, in addition, the Minister added, telecommunications and electrical energy will have continuity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Molina, advancing electrification goals “not only means eliminating cigarette lighters, but changing the lives of thousands of people in this municipality.” In this sense, he highlighted the rural electrification in the Isiboro Sécure park – Villa Tunari D-6 municipality (Cochabamba); rural electrification Villa Tunari (Cochabamba); the rural electrification of the Isiboro Secure Park – Villa Tunari Municipality (Cochabamba), the medium voltage 34.5 kilovolt (kv) V-2 and V-3 feeder project of Villa Tunari, and an electric station.

He explained that these projects are executed within the framework of the financing contracts that the State signed with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the Rural Electrification Program (PER II) and with the procedures carried out for PER III. The sum of the financing from the IDB and the World Bank (WB) reaches around $us 300 million that is in the execution phase, he noted.

Likewise, he pointed out that these projects seek to increase access to electrical energy in the rural area of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, integrate populations into public and social services, and contribute to reducing poverty and improving the economic and social development of the country.

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