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Celec: 'The obligation is to deliver all the information in a transparent manner'

Bnamericas Published: Friday, February 03, 2023

This is an automated translation of the original release published in Spanish.

Statement from Celec

The CEO of Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador, Gonzalo Uquillas Vallejo, highlighted the obligation of CELEC EP and its administration to deliver all the information in a transparent and timely manner, so that the corresponding authorities can initiate investigations into complaints of alleged acts of corruption in public companies.

He said it before the Multiparty Commission of the National Assembly that investigates alleged acts of corruption in public companies. Before that legislative body, once again, he exposed the actions that are carried out in the Corporation against corruption and on the management of the Company.

In his speech, he recalled that CELEC EP is responsible, in a majority way, for the production of electrical energy in the country, currently serving between 85% and 90% of the national demand. He noted that this Company is also responsible for operating, maintaining and building all the works of the National Transmission System (SNT).

He recalled that it is a responsibility of the Ecuadorian State to promote the development of the system in a clear, transparent and timely manner. For this reason, he indicated that 2,174 contracts signed by CELEC EP have been delivered to the National Assembly, corresponding to the years 2020-2021-2022, totaling approximately USD 470 million.

In addition, the institutional Ethics Committee has been activated, the anonymous complaints mailbox to listen to complaints from citizens, suppliers, contractors who are affected in their interests. The anti-bribery policy has been implemented.

He informed that a request for a special examination has also been made by this administration to the General Comptroller of the State, for the previous period of administration of CELEC EP. "We have made a review of certain contracting processes, in certain cases we have found signs of irregularities and we have submitted it to the consideration of the Internal Audit Department of the Comptroller's Office."

In this context, he also highlighted that in 2018 an agreement was signed between CELEC EP and the Financial Analysis Unit (UAFE) to be able, early, to initiate controls to determine signs of inappropriate behavior within CELEC EP by its officials.

He noted that in July 2020 a resolution is promoted that puts into force the Code of Ethics and Conduct of CELEC EP, where the values, principles and responsibilities of ethical conduct in the Corporation are established.

Likewise, it reported that in October 2020 CELEC EP took the initiative to implement the anti-bribery system, that is, the application of the international standard ISO 37 001. "This project is 80% advanced, it will be ready in April of this year and in July we will have the certification.”

He stressed that in 2022 it was possible for the Board of Directors to approve the new Statute that governs the operation of CELEC EP, which was obsolete, the last one corresponded to 2012.

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023.

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