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Alfa Laval S. A. Sucursal Perú (Alfa Laval Perú)

Get all the information about Alfa Laval S. A. Sucursal Perú (Alfa Laval Perú), a company operating mainly in the Oil & GasPetrochemicalsMining & MetalsWater & Waste and Electric Power sector. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. The company has operations in Peru, which include BrentDroughtShallow watersMidstreamWater transferSolarCoal GenerationWater chemicalsPotable waterGas ProcessingGeological mapping / SurveysShale gas Oil sandsNatural Gas GenerationShale OilConventionalsOil PipelinesTight gasProductivity / EfficiencyStorage TerminalsGeothermalWater metersType of hydrocarbonsFertilizerNYMEX Light Sweet CrudeLubricantsDeepwaterType of extractionOil & GasUpstreamWater utilitiesWastewaters reuseNickelGas pipelinesPotable water systemEnvironmental evaluationHeavy oilLNGThermoFuel oilsRegasificationBunker oil/Diesel oilNatural GasOffshorePhotovoltaicDrilling rigsOnshoreBiomassGases & industrial gasesPaints & InksWastewater treatment plantsTextiles & FibersThermosolar CSPMexican MixFinal productsNatural Gas DistributionDistribution networkGroundwaterGlaciersClean Energy TransitionRefineriesCoolantsTires & RubberFuel SalesEnvironmental conflictBioplasticGreen HydrogenDownstreamAlumina / AluminumNuclearEnvironmentSubseaCombined cycleWTIFossil fuelsWater reservoirIndustrial Equipment SupplierCoalbed methaneSolventsTankersLocationUnconventionalsCopperZincPlastics & ResinsExplosivesRecyclingLiquefactionSurface waterBiofuelsUraniumProduction FacilitiesAdhesives & SealantsPotable water treatment plants and Crude oil. Write to us at or call us at +56 (2) 29410300 to schedule a demonstration of our platform.

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