Spotlight: Lula’s transition team for the mining and energy sectors

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, November 17, 2022
Water levels Other Precious metals Downstream Diamond Thermosolar CSP Liquefaction Transmission System Operator Nuclear Fossil fuels Secondary Distribution Refineries Uranium Lime Electric Power Offshore Wind Non metallic Sulphur Production Facilities Tin Iodine Oil & Gas Companies Biofuels Run of the river Storage Terminals Electric Power Distributor Lithium Niobium Combined cycle Drilling rigs Coal Metallic Fuel oils Silver Elections Rare earth elements (REE) Downstream Company Electric Power Companies Midstream Company Minerals & Metals Energy Storage Conventionals Lithium Electrolyte Platinum Deepwater Illegal mining Prospecting, exploration and extraction of mineral resources Geothermal Shallow waters Electromobility LPG Network Upgrades Mini Hydro Gas Processing Substations Limestone Phosphate Type of extraction Antimony Onshore Other base metals Lithium Carbonate Power purchase agreement (PPA) Tidal/Wave energy Politics Electric Power Producer Wind Thermo Primary Distribution Midstream Photovoltaic Solar Nickel Subsea Oil Pipelines Minerals Pipeline Transmission Lines Gold Precious stones Hydro Dam Alumina / Aluminum Offshore Vanadium Upstream Company Natural Gas Distribution LNG Steel Clean Energy Transition Tailings Gas pipelines Fuel Sales Tankers Lead Rural Electrification systems Location Onshore Wind Natural Gas Radial Distributed Generation Manganese Geological mapping / Surveys Crude oil Regasification Mining Companies Borate Electric Power Trader Titanium Scrap & Recycling Cobalt Natural Gas Generation Tungsten Zinc Palladium Bauxite ESG Renewable Molybdenum Biomass Copper Lithium Hydroxide Smart Grids Unconventionals Metals processing, smelting, refining and metal products Potash Iron ore Hydro Graphite Bunker oil/Diesel oil Transmission Green Hydrogen Generation Distribution Coal Generation Climate change

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