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Odebrecht Ingeniería & Construcción Internacional - Perú (OEC Perú)

Get all the information about Odebrecht Ingeniería & Construcción Internacional - Perú (OEC Perú), a company operating mainly in the Infrastructure sector. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. The company has operations in Peru, which include Mexican MixEngineering Contractor CompanyFuel oilsTidal/Wave energyStorage TerminalsBiofuelsOil PipelinesProduction FacilitiesLiquefactionMidstreamWater utilitiesRenewableHazardous wasteCoal GenerationSubseaWater levelsWater chemicalsSolarGas ProcessingHighways - RoadsDeepwaterCorridorsPotable waterGeothermalTight gasGenerationRefineriesSewer networksBunker oil/Diesel oilWater reservoirDrilling rigsBiomassPaving WorksHydroIndustrial wastewaterPotable water treatment plantsGroundwaterWaste treatment plantsGlaciersEPC Contractor CompanyWastewaterThermosolar CSPWastewater treatment plantsWater transferShale OilHydrogenWater & WasteOil sandsShale gas WasteType of hydrocarbonsConstruction Contractor CompanyRegasificationTankersNatural GasUpstreamLocationWastewaters reuseGas pipelinesFlood controlDrainageGeological mapping / SurveysRoadsWater pipelinesAgriculture & Industrial WaterDesalination plantHydro DamNatural Gas DistributionIndustrial ServicesNatural Gas GenerationIndustrial wasteFuel SalesBeltwaysMergers & AcquisitionsDamsHazardous wastewaterAccess roadsWater shortagesType of extractionNYMEX Light Sweet CrudeIndustrial water efficiencyCoalbed methanePhotovoltaicUnconventionalsHeavy oilThermoMini HydroPotable water systemTunnelOnshoreBridgeWindDistribution networkLandfillsOnshore WindSurface waterCrude oilBypassesRemediationShallow watersBrentOffshoreWTIConventionalsDownstreamNuclearWaste managementWidening WorksOffshore WindLNGOil & GasFossil fuelsIrrigation systemRun of the riverWater meters and Combined cycle. Write to us at or call us at +56 (2) 29410300 to schedule a demonstration of our platform.

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We especially value the reports with emphasis on the sectors of our interest and the periodicity of updates, which facilitates the identification of key aspects for the analysis of our external environment and to identify signals for the development of our business strategy.

Beatriz Lopez Valencia

Vicepresidencia Estrategia - ISA

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