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Subsecretaría de Participación Público Privada (SPPP)

Get all the information about Subsecretaría de Participación Público Privada (SPPP), a company operating mainly in the Water & WasteInfrastructureElectric Power and ICT sector. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. The company has operations in Argentina, which include Water reservoirGroundwaterMini HydroBunker oil/Diesel oilSurface waterPhotovoltaicOnshore WindSewer networksMobile devicesBilling systemBiomassWindTabletsLight rail / Interurban trainGeothermalRolling stockMonorailStorageCombined cycleThermoHigh speed trainWater levelsRail lineGovernment programOffshore WindTransportPotable water treatment plantsWaste treatment plantsWater chemicalsLandfillsRenewableStationsBus rapid transit (BRT) systemMetroHazardous wasteHardwarePersonal computersPublic-private partnership (PPP)Run of the riverTidal/Wave energyHazardous wastewaterFreight railwayRail TransportPotable waterWater pipelinesWastewaters reuseSolarWater shortagesFossil fuelsIrrigation systemCoal GenerationFuel oilsMultimodalDamsWater transferWaste managementGenerationWater metersWasteMainframes & ServersIndustrial water efficiencyNatural Gas GenerationHydro DamIndustrial wastePublic InvestmentEconomicsWastewaterWater & WasteNuclearFederal GovernmentAgriculture & Industrial WaterIndustrial wastewaterGlaciersDrainageWater utilitiesHydroFlood controlDistribution networkCable car systemsRemediationWastewater treatment plantsPassenger transportPotable water systemThermosolar CSP and Desalination plant. Write to us at or call us at +56 (2) 29410300 to schedule a demonstration of our platform.

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